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Artyarns Regal Silk

 I love Artyarns Regal Silk! It's a bit expensive for me at $20 for 163 yards/50 grams, but I wanted to indulge a little bit. I've been wanting to try knitting with silk for a while now. The way I compensate for the extra expense is by picking a project that takes me longer-that way I'm not buying more yarn as quickly, and I get a lot of joy from it.

Pros: The yarn is very soft, the colors are lovely and shiny, it's very comfortable to knit with, it has nice drape

Cons: It's a bit splitty-especially if you have to frog (like I did because I am doing a lace project), it tangles (but is fairly easy to untangle), it does not have the spring-back quality of wool, so depending on the project that could be a con

Here is a picture of my WIP using this yarn. It's in the RS101 colorway.

As usual with lace, you can't get the full effect until it's done and blocked, but you can see the yarn.
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