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fiberartreviews's Journal

Reviews of Anything Fiber Related
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knitting, yarn, knitting needles, tools, books, patterns, yarn stores
A community to share your reviews about yarn, knitting needles, vendors, yarn stores, crochet hooks, or anything else fiber related.

Community Rules:

1) Please tag all of your entries. Some tag suggestions: yarn, knitting, lys, crochet, patterns, vendors. Or, create your own tag if appropriate. Once we get a few posts going, I will start creating a memories section.

2) Please keep this a respectful space. I know that many of us have specific brands and designers to which we're loyal (or we avoid), but keep in mind that not everyone will agree. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, but healthy spirited debate will be. Use your discretion, but if you feel someone is attacking you here, please let me know.

3) Keep anything mentioned here out of personal journals. We're here to review stores, yarn brands, tool brands, books, patterns, etc. We are NOT here to review others' finished objects, works in progress, etc.

4) Feel free to share works in progress and finished objects, if they relate to your review. A post mentioning that Yarn A has an odd drape can be enhanced by sharing pictures of your FO which uses said yarn.

5) Have fun!