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Budget Friendly vs Rediculous Prices

Greetings, good day all. I just followed the link (as I often do) from one of the Knitting Groups I lurk at.

I'm by no means an experienced or have oodles of finished works under my belt knitter, for just barely over a year now I've been knitting and although I don't have tones of projects done I have well mastered the art of Casting On and Wripping Out. I LOVE yarn! My spouse has to tend to pull me from the yarn seciton of Wal-mart or just not bring me when he has to run out there.

I've been around on groups both here and on FaceBook and I'm amazed at the prices of yarn and how many people tend to buy the rediculously priced yarn, sure it make feel all that and a bag of fries and all... but for pete sakes!! When the yarn costs $20 - $40 bucks you might as well just go buy the sweater! In an ideal world where I don't have outstanding bills to pay, and needs to meet I'd be right up there buying the exspensive yarn for the project but I for one tend to head straight for the bulk bags and the sales of the yarn. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this here?  I love knitting - let's face it - the bug took a chomp out of all of our butts and we're frenzied knitters now, but I'm not going to spend money on patterns or pay more then maybe $7-$8 bucks on big ball of yarn!

My father, for my 31st bday, bought me two bags of bulk yarn (3 large balls per bag) for $4.99 at Giant Tiger out here in Ontario Canada and though I'm finishing up a project with one of hte yarns, this sale this store offers is the best bag for my buck. In the past I've got these huge balls of the frilly nylon yarn at the same price and am kicking myself for not loading up since it's this yarn that I love to work with but hard to find since they only have little yarns even in the big stores.

What's your thoughts, opinions, comments??

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